Top 5 Outdoor Furniture Trends to Watch FOR THIS YEAR

Do you have a patio, lawn, or backyard? Do you tend to wait too long to get it into shape before spring comes? We've been there. Those panicked, last-minute preparations before your friends or family arrive. You realize you should've replaced that chair with the peeling ceramic two years ago, and your 8-seater table has been beaten into a flea market item by the winter's cold and rain.

That's why today, while there's still time, and we're still in early March, we want to quickly highlight the top 5 outdoor furniture trends for 2017 that will help you purchase the right pieces to create that perfectly serene and inviting outdoor experience - before the doorbell rings.

The spaces below, featuring furniture by Bivaq, are examples of trending contemporary furniture with clean lines and no-fuss designs for an eye-pleasing experience.

The pictures speak volumes, so we've kept the copy short. 

1 - Simplicity

Simple is easy. Simple is inviting. Simple means, "I'm not trying too hard to impress you, and that's exactly why I'm impressing you." When you open a space, you ask a question. 


2 - Wood 

We are seeing an increase in teak furniture. Teak is strong, durable, fun, and sleek. Hard to find a type of wood that checks all those boxes. We use a similar version of it, iroko wood, for its durability and resistance to both rot and insect attacks. Indulge below. 

3 - Size

Bigger isn't necessarily always better, but the trend this year will be bigger outdoor tables to entertain a larger number of guests.

We're seeing outdoor dining tables now seating 8 or 10 people easily for that comfortable al-fresco dining experience during the warmer months. 


4 - Blending indoors with outdoors

Your patio or backyard should be an extension of your home. Blend both areas with the same style and watch indoors become outoors and outdoors become indoors. After all - you kind of want both at the same time, right?

5 - Multiple Seating Options

A sofa, armchairs, ottomans that can be used both as tables and for extra sitting. Different options to accommodate the crowds and people's seating preferences.

Pantone greenery inspired walls

The new pantone color of the year has us inspired to bring the outdoors in with these easy to install and remove wall covers. We love that they are eco-friendly, which makes them ideal and safe for any environment, both at home and at the office. The material, a fabric-like vinyl, is perfect to cover any smooth indoor walls. 

Perfect to spice up a wall of any size or shape (Cubic)

Perfect to spice up a wall of any size or shape (Cubic)

We love to see the outdoors when dining (Lagoon)

We love to see the outdoors when dining (Lagoon)

Inspired by the pantone color of the year to bring the environment to a bathroom (Ghost)

Inspired by the pantone color of the year to bring the environment to a bathroom (Ghost)

It's easy to add eco-friendly trends to your walls!