jausás & co believes every building – be it a home, office, hospital, factory, studio, or store – is a work of art in the making.

We import high-quality, European-made tilework, wallpaper and outdoor furniture designed to turn a regular space into a masterpiece.

Our inspiration is Spain and Italy. The warm air. The sea breezes. The small storefronts and late evening conversations echoing through cobblestone alleyways. The beauty and simplicity of life captured in an empty glass of wine or a frayed tablecloth. All of our products speak that language.

From hand-picked porcelain tiles to sturdy outdoor furniture, our offerings are as creative as they are adaptable and durable. We’ve selected specific factories that make contemporary designs perfect for any modern project, commercial or residential.

We understand that every project has budgets and deadlines. We collaborate with you to create the best solution for your particular project and environmental needs. We are committed to the HPDC and provide full transparency into how the products we carry are sourced and developed.